Handling Odd Situations

Handling Odd Situations is important for a CEO because this is directly influencing implementing Strategies, Policies, and Vision, especially during tough situations or low beaten business environment.

Business growth and Financial growth are immediately sensitive to these three factors (Implementation of Strategy, Policy and Vision)

During up-beaten market situation too, it is important for day – to – day odd situations, depending on the style of handling, can either delay or topple implementation of a CEO’s Strategies, Policies, and Vision.

Following are 360* assessment of handling odd situations. There are total 59 questions. Answer then at one go. It will take about 20 minutes.

Analysis can be done at different depths / levels:

Scoring based and ranking strong and weak factors.

Comparison of sub factors with each other

Linking to strategic moves – how the sub factors are likely to affect implementation of Strategies, Policies, and Vision