Children Life Style Problems
Children Life Style Problems

Children Life Style Problems
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There are increasing number of Childhood Life Style Problems such as Obesity and Diabetics.

We treat the wrong Life Style of your children.


Life Style was once considered as a problem with only elders and especially for those who were sufferring from Diabetes and Hypertension.

But in the present condition, Wrong Life Style has entered into the lives of even children and many children suffer from Life Style related disorders.

The common Life Style related disorders in Childhood are:


Computer Vision Syndrome / Digital Eye Strain

Vitamin D Deficiency

Hormonal Problems

Megaloblastic Anaemia

Macrocytic Anaemia

Substance Abuse

Depression / Social Withdrawal Tendencies

In addition to relevant medical prescription by your family doctors, Life Style Modification for children are essential and part of treatment plan for above problems.

We treat the Wrong Life Style of your children who either suffer from above problems or likely to suffer from.

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