Scientific Meditation

The Meditation technique we use is entirely different from that of in vogue. The suppressed power to conquer our opponents or challenges will come to forefront.

We conduct Meditation Sessions for High – Profile Stress such as the Stress of Doctors / Business Men / Investors / Celebrities/ Political Plots’ Pressure

Our technique is based on Neuropsychological Principles and Psychotherapy Principles of Change.

Our Meditation Sessions are conducted for Specific Health, Business and Financial needs of these high profile group.

Brodman Area 7 is crucial for meditation experiences.

While meditating, significant activations occur in the basal ganglia, the enthorinal cortex, and the medial prefrontal cortex.

Meditation based on focus attention activates a network involving the medial gyrus bilaterally, the left superior parietal lobe, the left insula, and the right supramarginal gyrus (SMG).