We follow the following training principles for the Goals of:

1. Increase Revenue

2. Increase Customer Satisfaction

3. Improve Work Team Efficiency

We follow the following Steps in the Training Process:

1. Studying the Organization’s current Achievements, Goals, and Gaps

2. Setting the Changes required / Training Needs with Goals

3. Differentiate the Process Needs – Consultation, Education, Counselling, Coaching, Training & Intensive Training modes for different needs identified.

4. Prepare the plan for different Process Needs – Consultation, Education, Counselling, Coaching, Training, & Intensive Training with respective metrics.

5. Implement the Change Process

6. Assess the Effectiveness at different Points of Indications (360*)

7. Resistance To Change is universal. The method to tap this is ‘core’ psychological and therefore we do have provision for this as Qualified and Experienced Psychologists

We adopt the following Standards:

The trainer must have ‘core subject qualification’ for the specific training

For all Behaviour Training – Behaviour Specialists (Psychologists)

For all Digital Training – Relevant Digital Course Qualification

For all Financial Training – Qualification in Financial Courses

(No amateurism)

The trainer should have years of experience in line with depth of change required

The trainer should prepare module specific to the Organization and specific only to current training need assessments. No ‘Common to All’ pre-fabricated training modules.

Scientifically validated contents of the Module