GSR's Creativity & Meditation Studio

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Our beneficiaries include:
Businessmen / Women / CEOs & Executives
Families of employed couple
Bed ridden patients
Cancer patients
Students in crucial years such as 10th/ +2 / NEET appearance
Traumatic experienced – accidents, sexual assault, crimes
Cardiac & Diabetic patients
Work teams in private industries
Government servants
Recently closed business owners
Divorce seeking couple
Diabetics & Cardiac patients
Kashmir & other Border area residents
Trauma sufferers such as victims of accidents, sex crime, and other untoward incidents
For the Benefits of:
Stress reduction / relaxation
Reducing the severity of depression
Alleviating anxiety
Improving investment decision effectiveness
Inducing sleep
Pain reduction
Readiness to healthy habits
Improving attention
Improving memory
Improving organized thinking
Reducing adjustment problems
Improving self image
Good family atmosphere for all family members
Improving intuition skill
Reducing aging process
Delaying brain dysfunctions such as Alzheimer disease
Emotional catharsis
Improving Emotional Intelligence
Preventing frustration and suicidal tendencies in adolescents
Reducing academic stress of students in crucial years such 10th / +2 / NEET appearing students
Calmness and improved recovery to Post-Operative patients
Stress inoculation to CEOs and other stress prone military persons
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