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Career choice decisions affect one’s future throughout the life

Developing a broad array of career options, analyzing and overcoming barriers to career choice, and counteracting choice‐limiting self‐efficacy beliefs are important for making career choice decisions.

Career choice decision is multi-factorial. For example, students with family business background are pessimistic about being in control in an entrepreneurial career, but optimistic about their efficacy to pursue an entrepreneurial career.

Interest, Personality, Aspiration, Motivational type – all determine the success or failure of one’s career. For example, a Law graduate may be a successful Magistrate but may not be a successful advocate.

Attitudes of self-identity and gender role are also playing pivotal role. Commitment to a career appears to be central to one’s identity and one’s sex-role ideology.

Many, especially in India, decide based on self – interest and ‘future’ for the courses. Throwing one’s future to the chance of ‘future’ of a course is self-defeating. This is more so in the modern business environment.

Even some Career Counsellors don’t realize that ‘Future’ of any field is highly volatile and that future of field is not promising success of people who enter the field; Customer – centric approach of a Career Counselor will give him commercial success, but will be detrimental to the future of the client

We assess the interest, personality and motivational factors of the individual to help him / her in choosing career choice.

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