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Creativity Task 1

Creativity Task 1
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GSR’s Creativity & Meditation Studio has brought a Creativity challenge for interested people.

Make new designs of utility products like Table, House etc. by using the 5 Elements given in the picture below.

Once you finish your designs upload and submit using the Form given below

The interpretations will be made based on Age & Occupation of the Designer.


1. Your Creativity will improve

2. You can check creativity level of your employees engaged in Design / Marketing etc.

3. This task is very useful to Businessmen, Design Engineers and Professionals based on Creativity Skill

4. This is also useful to Cognitive Fitness of persons, in general.

Rule 1:

All 5 Elements shown in the picture should be used in every creative design.

Each design should be DIFFERENT from other designs, UNIQUE and UNCOMMON but USEFUL.

Rule 2:

In each creative design each element should be used only once.

Rule 3:

The utility product should be understandable, socially & culturally acceptable, and should have utility value (the product should serve some utility. For example, table used for writing; vase used to place flowers on table etc).

Rule 4:

Name and utilities of the design should be given by user.

Rule 5:

All the designs should be made originally by self without others’ help

Rule 6:

For Element 5 – Wavy Line, number of Spikes are important and can not be either increased or decreased.

Rule 7:

Time allowed for testing purpose is 10 minutes.

The designs made within 10 minutes will be analyzed based on Creativity criteria.


  1. The product design could be of an existing product like Table or entirely new.
  2. In case of new product, you have describe the utility / usefulness / application value.


Once you finished your Creative Designs upload and submit using following Form

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