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Effective Couple Relation is MUST for their Health & Proper development Of Children.

Parental home is important for couple. In case of couples, where the girl’s parents had divorce, is likely to have negative communication and negative ideas that lead to strained relation.

In case couples have strained communications but still sexually satisfied, they are likely to experience greater marital satisfaction than if they have a less satisfying sexual relationship. Hence, building sexual relationship between couple and ensuring sexual satisfaction for the couple are important to save couple relation.

Women having lower sexual satisfaction are likely to have general well being at low.

‘Attachment insecurity’ of the girls in the couple relation is more damaging the communication. Hence, the men among the couple should take responsibility to reduce the attachment insecurity of their wives. Attachment insecurity also change the communication style. Hence, the males should come forward to contribute in this regard.

Emotional intimacy is different and sexual intimacy is different – both are important and should be positive.

Many more facts are important for Effective Couple Relation

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