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Efficient Gateway Of Next 5 Years

Efficient Gateway Of Next 5 Years
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Biggest everyday problem of most of the CEOs is Getting ready for Tomorrow, more specifically getting ready for efficiency of Tomorrow.

We don’t keep any stringent metrics to follow up our task efficiency of each day, nor there is a Closed Loop Follow Up system.

Each day we have a day to follow – the ‘tomorrow’ of everyday.

Such an everyday’s tomorrow is also a ‘Gateway’ of next year or next five years. Yes for our action plan / Goals / Objectives, our next five year begins ‘tomorrow’ and if don’t control ‘tomorrow’ – just a day, then we cannot expect ourselves to control five ‘years’.

We should inculcate certain work style to win over gate way of next five years – tomorrow. Tomorrow reflects our next five years.

We should conquer that very single day as if the only day left for us

In the current socio-techno trends of the business environment, every CEO should begin the day with ‘mental fitness’ or ‘cognitive fitness’.

Each moment gifts us with anxieties and therefore such fitness is to be attained by techniques such as relaxation or mediation.

 Why we don’t pay much attention to mind fitness techniques such as relaxation or meditation?

 is because our anxiety levels affect ‘performance efficiency’ but not performance effectiveness and we often have a personal ‘standing instruction’ to compromise in favour of effectiveness – at the cost of efficiency.

This is also one reason why we stagnate or grow slowly

Let us plan one tomorrow of you and feel the change by way of –

Structuring the Day

Visualization for the day

Managing the categories – Supporters, Obstructers, Catalysts and Twisters (shortly SOCT Analysis)

Effective Delegation for the day

Metrics for gauging RoI of the day

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