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Field Optimization Model

Field Optimization Model
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What Could Be the Coaching Needs of you and most efficient Coaching Model?

It is GSR’s Field Optimization Coaching Model.

Currently for every investor, there are only two coaching needs:

1. Uncertainty Handling

2. Making the growth invulnerable to uncertainties

Yes, only two goals – Focused Goals and Widened Results strategy is adopted.

What is GSR’s Field Optimization Coaching Model ?

Traditional heuristics based needs or assumption / thumb rule based Emotional Intelligence, Decision Making Assessment etc will not be validated.

We have made Model that integrates Belief System, Learning Pattern, Opportunity Identification and Maximization, and Leadership, all these mediated through Regulatory Focus


Optimization of available (market) Field

Day to day work activities of the Executive / Business Head
tuned on a daily basis, so that minimal but notable progress measured at least once in every Six days.

Coaching Effectiveness measured and opted to extend or terminate once in every six days.


Current Focus, Opportunity Identification Style and Leadership.

Day to day Business tasks performed by the Executive / Business Head are “dissected” and analyzed.

Every day practical Leadership situations in business are not either Transactional Style or Transformational Style or Charismatic Style, categorically.

Reality demands a mixture of all these Leadership styles, from time to time.

Hence the components of these three styles are tested in the day to day Business tasks.

Coaching interaction based on the Model we have developed.

Coaching Effectiveness assessed after every Six Business days.

Will it be same depth for a trader and a Business Head ?

No. The implicated areas of Productivity, Quality Control & Assurance, Supply Chain, Technology, Marketing, Financial tasks, etc make the difference in coaching depth.

Also on the other hand, Single person Vs Organization & Business Environment wide tasks Level make difference in coaching depth, on the other hand.

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