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Focus Coaching

Focus Coaching
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Engagement in dual or multiple tasks is inevitable in this competitive world. This is more so for executive positions. Direct influence / interference by others affect the performance quality and ability to focus on one’s tasks. Also one’s own ability to manage dual / multiple tasks is also important for success in achieving goals.

Usual way, people manage this, is by prioritizing.  The method of prioritizing is very crucial and research in the field of Psychology guides what to be the factors.

For example, people guess more and commit more errors in less prioritized tasks, when compared to high prioritized tasks. Whether high or low, every error is linked to Supply Chain, Productivity and Quality by REALITY and in turn linked to both Receivables and Income generation.

The more fine-grained this juncture by manipulating target priority at finer increments, the ‘wire-walk’ for success. This is the juncture where a professional Mind Coach is inevitable.

GSR can coach you at such crucial juncture.

In addition to this Decisional focus, the Regulatory Focus (whether one is Promotion focused or Prevention focused and balance between these two) is also to be monitored and coached.

The benefits of this model:

1. Immediate leverage to CEO’s focus and his directions or ‘lead’ to his team

2. Strong formation of base for unforeseen tough times

3. Ability to participate and sustain in tough competitions or negotiating environment

4. Paving path for sustained financial growth in proportion to business growth

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