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Goal Coaching

Goal Coaching
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Find a Change in Your Immediate Business Turn Over.

Either implicitly or explicitly – Everyone has a Goal and every day at least a goal.

Do not seek Motivational Lectures to reach your Goal. A Right Goal should Motivate You automatically. THIS IS OUR NICHE

Convert Your Problems / Hurdles into Goals, not Goals into Hurdles.

The usual formula of S. M. A. R. T to set goals are famous and also there in the failed goals.

Here is the complexity of Goal Setting and Goal Implementation.

Choosing a mere ‘target’ does not do the complete function of a Goal, nor merely if it suits S M A R T formula.

There are so many Gifted (Highly Talented) People who Underachieve.

You might have experienced it too, so far, at some instance in the past.

GSR’s Goal Achievement Coaching:

We coach you systematically on selecting goals and implementing Goals.

There are various factors that should be verified to make a goal achievable. Some of these factors are linked to goal itself. For example, whether a discrete goal such as ‘I want to find one new customer’ or convergent goal such as “making the coconut supplier to become client for my Personality Development class”. (Both are SMART but quite different in various aspects of my day’s plan for this goal)

Similarly, to what extent the goal is Mission related, Vision related and acceptable to my ‘inner self’ are all making the factors.

The motivational Orientation, i.e., whether you show grit as habit or you give up too many things uncompleted, (your persoanlity trait factor) should match the Goal and daily tasks; if not, any S M A R T goal can result in failure.

We coach you to Set Goals and Implement Goals, by overcoming around 20 important factors.

Still you have a doubt? Just pick up one failed goal in the past and attend coaching session (One – to – One) for two days free of charge. You will find the difference.

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