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Innovation Training

Innovation Training
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Creativity Coaching

Junior Rancho

Shapes Creativity 4 To 8 Years

Cognitive Fitness

Innovation ability can be trained in a systematic way using Psychological principles after ascertaining individual’s personality profile.

No two individuals are equal and no two individuals are equally innovative.

Importantly, one who is more innovative in younger years may become less innovative in later years and vice versa, depending on his environment and life experiences.

The blocks for bringing out the creativity and make new innovations can be identified and broken through.

We train Creativity & Innovation Ability for aspiring individuals

We conduct

  • Basic Creativity training after assessing one’s current levels through systematic assessments
  • Specific Creative & Problem solving training for ad hoc purposes
  • Parallel creativity & Innovation training for any specific Projects of the clients
  • Design skill Training (for design engineers)
  • Professional Creativity & Innovation training for different professionals such as Musicians / Artists etc

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