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Know Your Need

Know Your Need
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Biggest Obstacle for Success is Tuning Your Perspective From Others’ Point Of View

— This Is My Strong Assertion to Aspiring Winners

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Businessmen often have a passion to attend motivational programmes and various coaching / training / mentoring programmes.

Do you do it Right Way?

Three questions can decide whether your money spent on Coaching / Training / Mentoring is, a worthy investment or a dead investment:

1. Have you chosen your trainer/ mentor / coach first or your Learning Need first?

2. Have you chosen your Learning Need in a Systematic Way?

3. Are you able to link your training/ coaching / mentoring / motivational programmes with your Financial Indicators?

People attend as many ‘interesting’ programmes as possible

They ‘gulp’ as many points as possible

Finally make their Self a ‘Conglomeration of gulped’ food balls and choke due to inability to choose one to implement till improving the Balance Sheet.

Ever you came across an ‘Exemplary’ Businessman who either ‘copycatted’ or ‘inspired’ by other businessman?

Every exemplary businessman has ‘Discovered Their Originality‘ and remained ‘Switched To Their Own Track

Your vantage depends on the mountain peak you choose

Never get coached for others’ Needs. Interpreting an event / cause with mistaken perspective will pave for more errors and losses

Every one needs a coach / trainer / mentor.

The real tragedy is that ‘often what you think to be your Learning need is different from what actually your need is’

We help you systematically for the stages of

Stage 1: Identifying Your Need,

Stage 2: Choosing Your Trainer / Coach / Mentor

Stage 3: Implement Training / Coaching / Mentoring

Stage 4: Link to Financial Indicators.

You can consult us for any of these stages and engage any other coach for other stages – you have complete ‘opt – in’ freedom.

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