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Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment
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Just recollect your past experience with leadership assessment session (s)

For an enticing session, the existing leadership scales and interpretation would do; but for realizing changes in performance metrics of the team, a comprehensive psychological assessment of leadership elements and their influence is the only profit making model.

Leadership is not only Organizational Role – Centric, but also Progress – Centric.

The theories and research knowledge on leadership have to deliver changes in performance metrics of the team, ultimately.

Mere categorization of someone as ‘Authoritarian’ or ‘Democratic’ is not going to help him develop what is required.

This is so, because, the ‘leadership needs’ of an Executive are not constant, thanks to the inevitable influence of his ‘personality configuration’ and the ‘match-mismatch interaction’ between the personality and situation at hand.

Our Qualitative Model of Leadership Assessment

1. We assess your critical situations that you handled

2. We assess your responses for certain example situations

3. We assess your ‘Leadership’ linked to applied areas of

a) Regulatory Focus,

b) Decision – Making,

c) Instrumentality, and

d) Authentic Leadership

Our is a comprehensive assessment which will give you report on:

a) Your Leadership Strengths

b) Your Leadership Needs

c) Ways of improving your leadership in relation to Performance Metrics of your team

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