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Life Style Therapy

Life Style Therapy
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Lifestyle interventions are essential to combat with every stress related illness.

Lifestyle interventions yield increased results if the belief of the individual is conducive.

Belief is the core factor that makes a Lifestyle modification successful or failure.

Therefore Lifestyle intervention should first focus on Belief.

Why Belief is core in our Lifestyle interventions?

Belief has a large emotional content

Belief is enduring mental disposition guiding our conduct

Beliefs are not just separate, but one will also have ‘proof’ in his thoughts (emotion also loaded) which come paired with belief

Belief will mean every degree of assurance including highest possible certainty and conviction.

Belief is that you don’t hypothesize but rather start ‘believe’ it to be true. In other words, every new information is matched to the existing belief and validated, without bothering about reality.

Belief is usually strongly correlated with desire.  It is because of this correlation between these two that the Diabetes or Hypertensives or other stress diseased persons struggle to modify their life style.

Any lifestyle modification, therefore, should be supported by “Belief Style” of the individual.

Modern psychological research has agreed with that said in the Bhagavath Gita, you become what you believe to be (“Yath Bhaavam That Bhavathi“).

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