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Lifestyle Facts

Lifestyle Facts
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Children Lifestyle Disorders

Adolescent Lifestyle Disorders

Adult Lifestyle Disorders

Many think Life Style is confined to Diet and Exercise (including hobbies / yoga / meditation)

Life Style essentially includes:

1. Your daily hygiene activities 9diet, exercise, yoga, hobby etc)

2. Your daily work style (at home and office)

3. Your regular thought pattern (Cognitive Style)

4. Your regular temperament (Emotional Style)

5. Your Social Style (in family and outside)

6. Your Expense Style (Money Attitude is included)

7. Your Hobby

8. Your Regulatory Focus Style (Promotional Vs Prevention)

9. Your Study Style (in case you are a student)

10. Your Flexibility / Adaptability to required changes (following a hygiene activity once in a blue moon or makes a New Year promise, should be changed by Life Style Intervention)

Ignoring these facts, if one tries to focus merely on diet and exercise, he / she would not even be able to sustain the habit.

Our Life Style Assessment & Intervention for

Children            Adolescents               Adults                Housewives                 Elderly

Employed / Self – Employed        Vulnerable (Diabetics / High OR Low BP / Low Immunity)                    

Common Life Style Related Problems

Obesity (Children, Adolescents, Adults)                   Diabetics (Children, Adolescents, Adults)

Computer Vision Syndrome (Children, Adolescents, Adults)                       Relationship Issues

Addictive Coping (Smoking, Drugs, Internet, Gaming, Alcohol)                 Hormonal Disorders  

Vitamin D and B12 Disorders        Impotency / Infertility / Polyps              Sleep Problems

Financial Hassles / Missing Outs          Generalized Body Pain          Boredom       

Depression / Withdrawal Tendencies       

Check Your Life Style Assessment Need

1. Are You Happy With Your Income, Most Of The Days?

2. Are You Happy With Your Health, Most Of The Days?

3. Are You Happy With Your Relationships, Most Of The Days?

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