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Marital Disputes

Marital Disputes
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Divorce is increasing due to marital disputes and there are ample causes for marital disputes. GSR’s Marital Counselling and Therapy prove to be useful because experienced counsellor or therapist is very important.

GSR’s Divorce Counselling is done with utmost care, for sometimes, a divorce can cost the life of both the partners.

Marital issues often begin with comparison with others and preaching equality

Core of any psychosocial research finding in the world so far, is ‘individual and interpersonal difference’ but often violated in the society due to political reasons.

Historians mention that the solidarity in the Indian society, for example, was great before the Christian Missionaries started working since 17th Century and such solidarity was due to caste system.

In families, organizations, and teams where clear hierarchy is set, the solidarity and confirmation or compliance are more.

Another major dispute is beginning with financial, sexual and external influence factors.

In most of the disputes, the husbands find different reasons as cause and wives find different reasons as cause, supporting the applied aspects of Attribution Theory and many other causative models.

In many cases, discussing the marital issues with family members and others for ‘advise’ is leading more complexities in the mind of couple.

The communication style of either or both member, is also potential enough to instigate various suspicions and negative perceptions with associated fear or annoyance.

In many instances, the couple themselves, are less aware of the actual factors leading to dispute.

For example, in one case GSR did not have combined sessions of the couple, tapping the individual factors lead to improved understanding between the couple.

The right way to save couple’s bond is to approach ONLY professionals.

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