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Parenting is not just about ‘understanding’ children or moving according to children and begging the young ones to be proper.

The parent child issues due to parenting have different perspectives.

1. Secure and insecure attachment patterns in infants and young children is to be observed and studied carefully

2. Other angle is depressed mother-child interactions

3. Depressed adults’ retrospective accounts of early caring experiences with their parents

– are three major causes of parent – child relation issues.

Inherited temperament and traits of the child, family atmosphere, over – protection / pampering by parents or grandparents are additional causes of child – parent relationship issues, which grow as the child grows. Thus, a ‘wrong adolescent’ is manufactured in his young years.

More problems of child behaviours can be due to aspects of family functioning, such as marital conflict, co-parenting, functioning of the family as a whole, and sibling relationships; parental rearing strategies; and beliefs that parents hold about their child.

GSR strongly advocate careful study of issues scientifically and not relying solely on parents’ understanding of causes.

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