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Perspective Coaching

Perspective Coaching
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Perspective taking is a game changer.
It is different from empathy.
While empathy gives you clue to be benevolent to others, perspective taking gives you clue to be benevolent to your growth.

Of course, both are required because, Business Growth depends on your benevolence to others also.

Perspective is a cognitive skill. This is pivotal in social relations, and Business being a social endeavour, and therefore in business building too.

Perspective taking need to be coached because:

1. It is a psychological skill
2. It should be differentiated from but at the same time  collaborated with

(a) Empathy,

(b) Clue taking

(c) Opportunity Identification and

(d) Maximization.

3. Decision biases should be filtered
4. Subconscious dynamics should be addressed.

Very importantly, a coaching should be grounded on Psychometric assessments scores of each attribute. This will only ensure objective measure of coaching effectiveness.

Such psychometric assessments should be done only by qualified and experienced psychologists and not by others.

Therefore qualification and experience of the coach are important.

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