Executive Meditation
Executive Meditation

Executive Meditation
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Scientific Meditation for CEO / Executives to improve their Emotional Intelligence, Decision making, Leadership, Problem Solving, Insight building and Intuition building.



Following are list of Psychological research findings as outcomes of meditation.

The following outcomes are deciding the day-in and day0out of each businessman.

  1. Meditation modulates brain activities associated with cognitive control, emotion regulation and empathy, and leads to improved non-social and social decision making.

2. Meditation improves executive decision-making

3. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to increase cognitive flexibility

4. It has been found that meditation made attention resources flexible, allowing a more powerful concentration

5. Mindful awareness improved participants’ capacity to solve problems that needed a new or original solution

6. Meditation program significantly enhanced introspective accuracy

We conduct Goal Specific Meditation session on One To One basis

Agor (1986) and Hayashi (2001), reported that managers use their intuition in situations where

  • There is a high level of uncertainty.
  • There is little previous precedent.
  • Variables not often scientifically predictable.
  • Limited facts, or the facts do not clearly point the way to go.
  • Time is limited and there is pressure to be right.
  • There are several plausible alternative solutions to choose from, with good arguments for each

Keen (1996) found “Highly Intuitive Decision-Makers” used their intuition to guide 75% or more of their most important decisions.

Intuition is used with more regularity because of business structure, i.e., less people to do more, and the pace of business had increased, but that the circumstances around which decisions were made had not significantly changed.

Cognitive  control, emotional regulation, and empathic concern the contributions of meditation on leadership decision making


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