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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy
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Please read following cancellation and refund policy before you pay for any of the services provided by GSR.

GSR is adopting a client firendly policy and does not insist on payment before days in advance.

For Career Guidance services and Online counseling sessions, no refund is possible.  

For online sessions client has to ensure proper internet connection on his / her side.. If there is any problem from the client’s internet connection, no refund will be provided. If there is any internet connection problem from the GSR’s side, a mutually convenient slot will be decided.

If disruption occurs towards concluding of the session, then no compensatory session will be given.

If client does not turn up to the online session though any of the mode (phone, chat, video call) up to 15 minutes from the scheduled time of starting of the session, then it will be considered as fault from the client side and no compensatory session will be given. Refund will also not be done.

A session booked for one cannot be allotted by the client due to any reason unless the consultant asks for adding any significant person, from view point of thee session.

The payment gateway is used only for online sessions.

The same policy is applicable to group sessions online also.

No refund will be made for individuals who skip the group sessions at any point of time due to any reason.

Cancellation Policy

In case the client books a session days before scheduled date and time and happens to cancel, it before the payment is made is free to act so.

In case booking done by client days before and payment is made, then he is allowed to cancel the session till 15 minutes before to get refund deducting 15% of the fee.

For Cancellations please contact us via contact us page.

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