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Niche & Strategies

Niche & Strategies
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Niche selection is important for withstanding competition.

One can not copy another one’s niche, for all niche will not suit all.

Selecting the right niche for your business / service is most important.

We help you select the Right Niche that suits your specific organization.

We help you strategize for your specific market conditions.

Also, we work out strategies for certain specific conditions like the following:

  • How to remain profitable when a society (including Government Law) increasingly does not want your product.
  • when the whole industry slumps and so does the company also and would cause poor cost control and poor attaining of goal by managers.
  • Your competitor may be hi – tech, velvet gloved,
  • Your organization is relatively younger than your established competitor
  • When the market itself is slumped, still you want to boost your market share
  • Company’s market share falls
  • Manager can’t control many of the factors that determine sales volume
  • How to expand but still keep standards high, in order to maintain quality, especially in food industry.
  • A product might have been on its peak of market and recently have been following down in market share
  • Unable to produce faster and meet the requirements of buyers (retailers)
  • In fierce competition, the position of the company is down driven what to do to come back to its original position.
  • Lost business / unsuccessful mission
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