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Step 1 Relaxation.
            We have varieties of Relaxation techniques and choose one right technique for you.
            This requires only one session.
            Those who just want to get relax and practice relaxation on their own, as and when required can opt for this.
Step 2: Attention Training
            This is a basic cognitive skill required for learning meditation or even for better concentration in day to day life.
            This is important for students too.
            This requires two sessions..
Ste 3:  Self – Awareness
            Those who do not want to stop with mere relaxation but also want to improve their Self – Awareness skill can take up this stage.
            This requires two sessions.
Step 4: Progressive Meditation
              This is the final stage in the basic level meditation.
              This requires 3 sessions to 5 sessions depending on the individual capacity.
Step 5:  Application to Specific Problems
               In this stage, it is taught to use meditation as a tool to overcome stress specific to various problems such as Financial Stagnation, Depression, Marital Issues etc
              Number of sessions required depends on the issues, severity, and individual capacity.
For Employee Teams We add ‘Attitude for Meditation’ Session.  These set of attitudes form the ‘Karma Yoga’ important for Productivity.
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