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1. Meditation is not started directly, but relaxation is taught first.
2. Certain basic psychological skills required for meditation such as Introspection,  Observation, Sensing, Imagery, Feeling are trained scientifically.
    These are dispensed based on principles of mind, rather than common sense attraction.
3. Meditation is proved to be more beneficial than mere relaxation techniques, and hence,  meditation is taught.
4. Meditation is again not involving the ‘mindfulness’, rather inculcating ‘mindlessness’ and then progressing to mindfulness.
     Thus, we use ‘Progressive Meditation’.
     It is to be noted that, ‘mindlessness’ state is better than ‘mindfulness’.  However, both are required for a  complete state of relaxation.
      Thus, our system, is following a unique ‘formula’ of meditation, and is more beneficial neuropsychologically.
5. We assess the Meditation effectiveness, using valid psychological procedures and guide / train the individuals for improved benefits of meditation.
6. More uniquely, we do not stop with a generic / basic procedure of meditation itself.
7. We let you realize and understand your ‘pattern’ systematically and lead yourself
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